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Feb 28, 2022 9:16:43 AM | Lidar Fast Aerial Lidar AMA

Join SmartDrone team members Taylor Dixon, Michael Ash, and Al Thead, as they discuss questions from land surveyors and engineers. Learn about drone lidar systems, drones for aerial mapping, lidar drone price, drone survey packages, UAV GNSS, and more!


Thank you to the land surveyors, civil engineers, and civil construction groups who wrote in with great questions and attended the AMA! Sign up for a Virtual Demo to ask any follow-up questions or learn more. 

Out of about 22 questions covered in the AMA, 18% were questions about total package cost and insurance cost, almost one-third were about drones, sensors & hardware, 18% were about processing and workflows, and 22% of the questions were about the accuracy of aerial lidar workflows.


Questions from this AMA:

General Lidar & Ortho Data Overview - 2:25

Can I collect lidar and orthomosaics at the same time? - 5:26

Are there limitations for drones with rain, cold, or wind? - 6:06

How much area can a drone cover in a single flight? - 7:41

Are malfunctions in landing, returning, or flight expected? - 8:58

Does a lidar drone need to use an RTK base station? - 9:52

How do residential small lot surveys work with lidar? - 12:04

How does a drone deal with steep terrain? - 14:28

Is operating a heavier or larger drone more challenging? - 16:06

What training availability does SmartDrone offer? - 17:18

Starting from raw data, what steps are needed for creating a CAD drawing with contours? - 20:31

What is required to make deliverables similar to those provided by a traditional aerial topography vendor? - 20:31

Lidar Processing Software Demonstration - 23:16

What software is needed for processing? - 30:29

Does the lidar sensor need calibration? - 33:29

Can lidar be performed with snow cover? - 35:05

Which is better, photogrammetry or lidar? - 36:09

Can drones hit topography standards? - 36:46

Can drones identify trees? - 37:47

What are the entry costs for lidar drones? - 38:16

What is the cost of a basic lidar drone for handling small 10 to 20 acre tracts? - 38:16

What types of insurance coverage is available for drone mishaps? Costs? - 42:36

How do I know I need a lidar drone? - 44:28

How can I reach out and learn more? - 51:25


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